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LAPLACE Pierre Simon Exposition du système du Monde.


Paris, Imp. du Cercle-Social, An IV (1796)

2 tomes en 1 vol. in-8 (205 x 125 mm) de 314 pp., 2 pour le tome I; 312 pp., 2 pour le tome II. Demi-cuir de Russie vert, dos lisse orné (reliure moderne).


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Sparrow, Milestones of Science, 123; Houzeau & Lancaster, 8940.

Édition originale.

Laplace y expose pour la première fois son hypothèse cosmogonique d'une "nébuleuse primitive", hypothèse qui "a connu une fortune extraordinaire et tyrannise encore nos conceptions modernes de la question" (Daumas).

"In addition to Laplace, the professors of exact science were Lagrange, Monge, Haüy, and Berthollet. Together with colleagues expounding natural history, geography, and political economy, they lectured in the auditorium of the Jardin des plantes before audiences of more than 1,200 pupils… The program announces for [Laplace's] course had committed him to treat also of the differential and integral calculus, mechanics, and astronomy. Time did not permit, and he would simply refer his auditors to a book that he had in preparation, to be entitled Description du système du monde, in which he would give a nonmathematical account of all that had been discovered in these subjects. Whatever the comprehension of his lecture on the overcrowded benches of a noisy auditorium, the promised book proved to be one of the most successful popularizations of science ever composed" (DSB., Suppl.).

Bon exemplaire.

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